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Success! Nabij-kombucha is near! Pre-order now!

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Success! Nabij-kombucha is near! Pre-order now!

Summer, and especially this summer, is lovely! Which means this kombucha season is also lovely 😊. I hope it is for you as well.

I started off this summer making small prototype batches of Nabij, with some tea I got from Mathijs @ Wilder Land. A wonderful guy by the way, and I’m happy that I got to meet him and see his mobile tea drying trailer at Best Kept Secret. Please keep an eye out on them and when they might roll up nearby.

Wilder Land offers quite a diversity in their flavors, and I made several batches with their tasting kit. Brewing it with a green tea kombucha culture. Also at this time, Tom and I had the opportunity to talk to a beekeeper, who told us that his bees particularly liked linden blossom. Which happens to be part of the Offline blend. This colored our preference, and we also found the kombucha blended nicely with the floral and sweet tea.

Around this time, we also started working on the label design with the fabulous Robbert de Tekenaar. We asked Robbert to make us something that is funky and friendly and he did exactly that. His label just arrived from the printers this week. We are so happy with it and can’t wait to stick it on more bottles!!

A month ago, my partner Gabriel and I set to brewing a full production prototype of Nabij, which for us is 120 liters. We steeped fresh ginger in our tea and let it do its thing with our kombucha babies. I got the finished product a couple of weeks ago and filled up kegs to serve it on tap at Grounded Festival (our sponsor for that production run). Grounded was a blast, and we had a wonderful time serving it there. 

We are already working on the final production batches. These batches will be finishing up at the end of July, and then we will start sending it out to all our backers and pick-up points.

Thank you everyone for your support! You gave me the confidence and ability to bring a cool idea into reality. The funding is currently at 60%, just enough for the first production batches, so feel free to pre-order more(!), spread the word and make Nabij a success now and make it possible in the future!



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