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Nabij Kombucha by De-grow Lab


Nabij Kombucha by De-grow Lab

The legends behind De-Grow Lab aim to stimulate degrowth and local solutions by making delicious Kombucha. Since they started brewing they have been on a quest to use more local and sustainable ingredients. But they say that so far they haven't pushed the envelope hard enough. Now De-Grow Lab and Local2Local are going to change that and get radically local. 

Jaz Hereford: "Our dream product would use 100% local and organic ingredients: Dutch tea (Camellia sinensis), Dutch beet sugar, and flavoured by local and seasonal ingredients. Furthermore, we want to source ingredients for unique flavors that are not only delicious, but also create positive impacts. In this regard we’ve discovered Wilder Land, a tea company that works with Dutch farmers to cultivate biodiversity and pollinator supporting herbs on the edges of their fields. Sourcing from Wilder Land provides us with the opportunity to create our dream product: the wild life supporting, local enforcing and friend to the bees...: Nabij. 'Nabij' means 'nearby' & 'bij' = bee. Clever, huh? :-)

Through the support of our community, we hope to bring this product to life. To measure its impact, share that knowledge with our customers, and scale-up our business so that we can produce more products like it. Our goal is to make enough pre-sales crowdfunding to create 1000 bottles of Nabij. When successful, we can add this product to our line-up permanently, and use the proceeds to build a larger brewery."

Join our campaign and let's make Nabij kombucha a local reality!

Goal: 1000 bottles 
Packaging: 4-packs
Price per bottle: € 4,00. So a 4-pack is € 16, incl 9% VAT.
You will be notified when it's ready. At that point you can also select a pick-up point.  
You can also have it delivered, at a € 6,75 charge for up to six 4-packs.

Pick-up points:

  • Groentetas Educatorium (Leuvenlaan 19, Utrecht Science Park) 
  • Grounded (Fort Lunet 1, Koningsweg 290, Utrecht) 
  • De-Grow Lab (Saffierlaan 10, Utrecht) 

What exactly is kombucha? The foundation of the drink consists of sweetened black or green tea. A bacterial culture is added to this. This kombucha mushroom, or SCOBY (an abbreviation for 'symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast'), slowly ferments the tea and sugar. After one or two weeks it's kombucha: a sour drink that bears little resemblance to the sweet tea it was made with.

So kombucha is all about the fermentation process. The fungus, a 'living' culture of bacteria and yeast, converts the sugars into acids, enzymes and other substances. This is where kombucha gets its typical taste properties. Each kombucha mushroom gives a different taste!

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