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Impact Hub Amsterdam becomes partner of Let's Get Local!

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Impact Hub Amsterdam becomes partner of Let's Get Local!

A message from Impact Hub Amsterdam:

Impact Hub Amsterdam is partnering up with L2L on a reversed market platform!

To transition to a more sustainable food system, we need new economic models. Our partner Local2Local, who are proving that short food chains are part of the solution, have come up with Lets get Local, a reversed market platform. And we will help them launch it!

The platform facilitates local products that will only get produced when a minimum number of customers are committed to purchasing, and above all are serving ecology, health, reducing waste and are creating a positive effect on society.

A model that supports the local market with a healthy business model AND an ecological and social model.

In the next months we will involve our sustainable food ecosystem in the roll-out. Helping our food alumni to get to market and / or to create new local products, more about that soon! :)

Who else is on this exciting journey? Gorillas (on-demand grocery delivery), Eurest (world's largest business caterer), Amsterdam University of Applied SciencesCity of AmsterdamAmsterdam Zuidas and many more to come!

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